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Regular developmental screening is recommended for all children. ASQ helps identify your child’s strengths as well as any areas where your child may need support.  The QSQ questionaires are designed to be simple and fun!  ASQ is designed to help parents learn about their children's development during early childhood.  After completing the ASQ you will be able to access fun and easy age appropriate activities - a great way to have fun together and encourage your child's healthy development.

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Jessica Wimmer, Coordinator

Great Start Collaborative


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You have been invited to complete an ASQ Online screening. Please click on one of the links below to complete your screening.

I am completing both the ASQ-3™ and ASQ:SE-2™ questionnaires.

I am completing the ASQ-3™ questionnaire.

I am completing the ASQ:SE-2™ questionnaire.

I have already completed both the ASQ-3™ English and ASQ:SE-2™ English via paper and am ready to enter my data.