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Welcome to Help Me Grow Ventura County’s ASQ Online! Because your child's first 5 years of life are so important, we want to help you provide the best start for your child. Help Me Grow Ventura County offers free online developmental screening to help you keep track of your child's development. This online system uses the Ages & Stages Questionnaires, Third Edition (ASQ-3). You will be asked to answer questions about some things your child can and cannot do. The questionnaire includes questions about your child's communication, motor skills (like walking and running, but also using their fingers and hands), problem solving, and self-help skills.

To get started with the ASQ Online Questionnaire, please enter the information listed below.

(put "0" if not premature)

Consent Notice: By entering your information and your child's information into the ASQ Online, you are also consenting to this information being entered into the First 5 Ventura County database. Data to be entered includes: Personal Information (name, address, phone number, email address, child's birthdate) and Service Information (developmental screening results, information and community resources provided to you).

First 5 Ventura County will evaluate and report aggregate data to funders and collaborative partners that will not contain personal or identifying information. The data will help us determine which strategies work best and provide evidence to advocate for additional funding to support the families in our county. Additionally, if you provide us with your email address, you are giving us permission to email you and send the screening results via email.

If you wish to complete a developmental screening for your child, but do not wish to share data, do not enter information into the ASQ Online. Instead, please call us at (805) 244-6911 and we will provide you with a paper copy of the screening questionnaire.

Note: By clicking "Submit", you are agreeing to both our Family Access End User License Agreement and any other consent or authorization information outlined on this page.