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Dear Parent,     

The Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) is a questionnaire about your child’s development. It has been used for more than 15 years to make sure children are developing well. Our program uses the ASQ because it gives a quick look at how your child is doing in important areas, such as communication, motor skills, and social skills. The ASQ can help identify your child’s strengths as well as any areas where your child may need additional support, and this information helps us to better plan our services to work with your child in the best way possible.

By completing the ASQ online, you can answer the questions at home based on your observations of your child, and we are able to receive your answers in a much easier and quicker way. We're able to use this online system because of United Way's DRIVE initiative, which is developing a state-wide picture of the needs of the city’s youngest children. The purpose of the project is to ensure resources and supports are available to families to help their children grow up healthy and ready for success in school and in life by the time they go to kindergarten.


As a parent or caregiver, you are the best source of information about your child. That’s why the ASQ is designed to be filled out by you. You will only need 10–15 minutes. It’s that quick and easy!

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Because your child's first 5 years of life are so important, we want to help you provide the best start for your child. You've been invited to participate in the Ages & Stages Questionnaires, Third Edition (ASQ-3), to help you keep track of your child's development. The questionnaire may be provided every 2-, 4- or 6-month period. You will be asked to answer questions about some things your child can and cannot do. The questionnaire includes questions about your child's communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal social skills.

Please enter your child's birth date and the number of weeks he or she was born premature below to start the screening. Please note that the information you enter into this website is secure and cannot be seen or accessed by anyone other than the program employees who have invited you to participate in this screening.

We look forward to your participation in ASQ-3!

(put "0" if not premature)


Department of Early Education and Care staff uses aggregate, or totaled, information to determine screening trends, future trainings for CFCE providers, and policies. Aggregate scores tell EEC how many children have been screened within a certain time period, the average age of when Massachusetts children are screened, or if the ASQ English or ASQ Spanish was used. Your child's information and screening scores will never be analyzed or shared at the individual level. If you do not wish to have this information entered online, you may decline this option and still have you child screened with the ASQ tool.


By clicking ‘Submit’, I acknowledge that I have read the information provided by the Boston Family Engagement Network and I hereby authorize the Department of Early Education and Care to collect and maintain the ASQ screening data for my child.  I furthermore agree to the following:

I agree to have my child screened with this tool to learn more about their developmental progress;

I agree to have my child’s screening information entered into the ASQ online database;


I agree to have my child’s screening information shared with United Way’s DRIVE initiative for citywide data collection.

Note: By clicking "Submit", you are agreeing to both our Family Access End User License Agreement and any other consent or authorization information outlined on this page.