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With the typical ups and downs of young children’s emotions and behavior, delays or problems can be easily missed. The ASQ:SE-2 focuses on social and emotional behavior.  There is tremendous opportunity during the first few years of a child’s life to identify and address potential social-emotional concerns.

To be sure that you are taking a comprehensive look at your young child’s development, we recommend you use ASQ:SE-2 in conjunction with ASQ-3 which focuses on communication, motor, and cognitive areas.

After you submit this screening and it is received by us, a Help Me Grow Family Navigator will contact you with the results and will provide you with additional information based on your screening results. You will have the opportunity to discuss ideas for activities to promote social-emotional wellbeing, as well as a plan of action if resource and services are needed to address any concerns.

Please know that Help Me Grow Solano keeps all your information confidential and does not share information to any third party without your verbal or written consent.

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